I'm Interested, what is the next step?

To meet with a Spiritual Director, there are several questions that we would ask you to think through and write down.  We have found that writing this down has two benefits - it helps one clarify what they are seeking, and it helps the prospective spiritual director better understand your goals.  The questions are:

  • What are your desires/hopes in seeking spiritual direction?

  • Describe how you connect with your Higher Power

  • Please describe a few of the events in your spiritual life that you consider most important in your spiritual journey

  • What life experiences might it be helpful for us to know about

  • Of the Spiritual Directors listed, do you have a preference

Please note that there is a fee of $70 per session.  The fee is negotiable, if you are unable to pay the fee, please suggest an amount, there is a $25 minimum.  There is no charge for the first session.  

Still interested?  Please fill out the document below .  Send it in an email to Recoveringlovechurch@gmail.com and the Lead Pastor, Brad Herman, or one of the Spiritual Directors will contact you.

If you would prefer to speak to Pastor Brad please call 612-695-8349 

Request for Spiritual Direction