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Are you Missing Something in Your Recov ry?

Has recovery changed you?

Do you feel differently about yourself?  Your relationships?

But still feel there's something missing, that there's more to learn.

That's why we've developed a variety of spiritual programs to help you grow and evolve.


If you have questions, contact Pastor Brad Herman.

Reclaiming Your Relationship.

This is a six session weekly program for couples seeking to reclaim their relationship from the damage of addiction.

Meditation and Prayer.

Developing a regular practice of prayer and meditation encourages long-term recovery and a better quality of life.

The Twelve Steps: A Spiritual Journey

This is a step workbook journal that combines AA's 12 steps with scripture and is designed to help participants journal questions and complete the 12 steps in a group process.

Bible Study


Connecting with others through scripture and the principles of the 12 steps strengthens our relationship with God, others, and ourselves. Digging into scripture through small group bible study helps us understand God and appreciate our different perspectives.

We Worship Online at 5:30 Saturday

All are welcome. All the time.