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Interested in Spiritual Progress rather than Spiritual Purrphection?

?Who Needs Spiritual Direction


We all need spiritual guidance in some sense. Some of us seek it through meetings,
books, education and talking with others. But many of us want more of a guide;
someone to help provide direction and help us answer questions about life.
Still others simply want more of a spiritual connection; a one-to-one relationship
with someone they can talk to about faith and hope and the spiritual
journey. Who can help provide understanding along with spiritual growth.


What is a Spiritual Director?


This will help you understand more about a Spiritual Director’s role:

  • They’re interested in your spiritual health, well-being, and growth.

  • They provide either one-on-one or group session tailored to your needs and spiritual journey.

  • They encourage and help you look within to develop a deeper relationship with God.

  • They do not promote any particular religion or faith tradition. Nor do they act as sponsors, therapists, or counselors.

Who are the Spiritual Directors?
What's the difference between Sponsorship and Spiritual Direction?
What are the next steps?