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A Note from Pastor Brad Herman

At Recovering Love Church we believe spiritual growth is paramount to healthy recovery and want to offer supportive services to assist others in the process of growing spiritually.  We are fortunate to have three women trained and experienced in Spiritual Direction to work with those who want guidance in this area. 


I pray you will utilize this unique service and benefit from our qualified providers on our Spiritual Care Team. 

Two of our Spiritual Directors discuss, what is Spiritual Direction, why would I want it, and what happens in a Spiritual Direction session

Reasons people often seek Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an opportunity to talk to someone about life - such as life transitions, major decisions.  It is also an opportunity to speak about a desire to enrich your spiritual life, or someone to talk to if you're questioning faith, seeking inner wisdom and truth, exploring the sacred, if you have a desire for something in life and need direction.

What is Spiritual Direction

  • A nonjudgmental relationship between  individuals in a 1:1 quiet setting

  • A sacred, reflective, confidential conversation with a trained spiritual director

  • A process that awakens and cultivates the sacred or holy in the ordinary and not so ordinary events of one's life.

  • A time not to fix but to ponder and grow in wisdom, wholeness and inner peace

What is a Spiritual Director

  • Spiritual Directors are interested in the spiritual health, well-being, and spiritual growth of a person. Spiritual Directors provide regular one-on-one sessions (or group sessions) that are focused on listening to, and working with one's spiritual life journey.   

  • A Spiritual Director listens and encourages one to look within to grow into a deeper relationship with God.

  • A Spiritual Director does not promote any particular religion or faith tradition.  A Spiritual Director is not a sponsor, a psychotherapist or counselor.