Phone: 612-695-8349

Address: 6345 Xerxes Ave S Richfield MN 55423


Looking for Some Spiritual Direction?


We are a Christian church for people in recovery. That includes family and friends, partners and loved ones. All are welcome, all the time.


We believe that recovery is a lifelong journey, so we offer ongoing programs and spiritual experiences that will nurture the soul and provide guidance along the way.  To us, the soul is the center of our emotional and spiritual life so we want to help people discover more about it.

We are the Aftercare After the Aftercare. 

There are over 300 treatment facilities in Minnesota, with over 54,000 people seeking treatment every year. Yet, 50% of people in recovery suffer a relapse within two years. Recovering Love Church is working to change that. We are the next step in your recovery.


Fellowship and community are important parts of recovery. Here at Recovering Love Church, we pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcome -- the first time. So please come join us. We help put the soul in recovery.

Worship Time: Saturdays at 5:30pm. Come early so we can meet you. 

Listen to why Pastor Brad Herman started the church.