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Join us in December at Recovering Love Church: "An  R Rated Advent”

We Worship Every Saturday at 5:30

Our worship service blends Scripture and principles of 12 step recovery to help people who are recovering, and those in relationship with them experience a connection with God and each other.  Faith stories, music, prayer, and fellowship all support this process.

The word “Advent” describes a time period before the arrival of a notable person, or event. For Christians, Advent is a season of preparation and waiting for the celebration of the birth of Jesus and also the anticipation of his 2nd and penultimate coming to earth.  Often Advent included scriptures about the birth of Jesus and bring great hope and comfort and good news to a weary world.

The scriptures for an R Rated Advent are not as joyful and optimistic as those surrounding the birth of Jesus but include the harsher realities of life - Herod’s order of the slaughtering of all male children around Jesus’ age, the challenges to change by John the Baptist, and the call to be alert and ready for the surprise coming of the return of Jesus.


So, I give this Advent an “R” rating and know it will bring a more adult hope to those of us seeking spiritual help necessary to recover from, as the Big Book says, "a hopeless state of mind and body.” Let’s stay awake for this one!

Mark your calendars for Decembers gatherings at Recovering Love Church:

  • Dec 1st (Sunday) at 4:30 - Breathing Under Water

  • Dec 2nd (Monday) at 6:30 – Prayer & Meditation

  • Dec 6th (Friday) at 7:00 - I won't be home for Christmas

  • Dec 7th (Saturday) at 5:30 – Worship service 

  • Dec 9th  (Monday) at 6:30 – Prayer & Meditation

  • Dec 10th and 11th (Tues and Wed) at 6:30 – Group Bible Study (pick the day that works best for you) 

  • Dec 14th (Saturday) at 5:30 – Worship service 

  • Dec 16th (Monday) at 6:30 – Prayer & Meditation

  • Dec 21st (Saturday) at 5:30 – Worship service 

  • Dec 23rd (Monday) at 6:30 – Prayer & Meditation

  • Dec 25th Jesus Birthday

  • Dec 28th (Saturday) at 5:30 – Worship service 

  • Dec 30th (Monday) at 6:30 – Prayer & Meditation